Hidden Histories

Digital Vending Machine



The forecourt space of First Government House place at the Museum of Sydney contains important historical narratives that tells of the first contact between the First Peoples and the British. 

To transform how the forecourt space is utilised by visitors, a digital vending machine that is capable of printing out five different narrative concertinas was developed.

It aims to educate and empower visitors to acknowledge the importance of the historic site and its heritage.

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Situated to the left of the Museum of Sydney, the digital billboard acts as an archive library that holds important narratives whilst also existing as a means of communication with the Museum.

The interface was designed around an abstract visual language that was established in response to the narratives.

The look and feel of the interface aimed to give the narratives a contemporary voice that reminded visitors of the transcendence of these histories.



Hidden Histories Concertina

PRINT • 2018

The beauty of a museum experience is the ability to collect and retain museum ephemera as a keepsake to remember your visit.

The First Government House Place concertina exists for the purpose of giving the museum’s visitors something to remember their visit by as well as educating and empowering them about the historic site.

Featuring five pages that are perforated and able to be torn apart, the concertina is comprised of a postcard, narrative information, a map, resource card and call-to-action.